Hi everyone!
Thank you for reading this About page!

NINNZ.com is the new version of my old blog ninnsekai.com which is now no longer live. I can’t afford to maintain two personal blogs with similar theme at a time so I decided to delete the old one and imported all posts from my old blog here. However, due to the different post structures between Blogspot and WordPress, I need quite sometime to finish re-editing the posts before publishing them again.

Anyway, just the same as my old blog, I post a bunch of things that pique my interest. I translate lyrics from anime soundtracks and J-Music that I think is good and ear-catching and sometimes trash this personal blog with my not so important writings. 😀

I’m also into BigBang G Dragon and Fan Fiction recently so you probably will see some posts about them here. Occasionally, I make HOW TO video tutorials for practice which I hope will be useful for you, too. 🙂

P.S: I’m just a beginner in Japanese language and I do lyrics translation for practice therefore my translation is imperfect and I might possibly misinterpret the lyrics. So, um… read it at your own risk. Any correction is welcome, though.

Thank you for visiting. 😉 🙂 ❤️