Big Orders Anime Review


Last Saturday, I finished watching Big Orders. The anime consisted of 10 episodes and the duration was 24 minutes for each. My first impression after watching the first episode was “this anime is okay”. the anime had quite an interesting story in which wishes could be granted and manifested into supernatural powers. People who possessed such power was called an Order.

Big Orders revolves around an Order, Hoshimiya Eiji, whose power went uncontrollable and caused Great Destruction ten years before. Eiji possessed a power in which he could bind and dominate people and anything around him. His power, Bind Dominator was visualized as a zombie-like creature with helmet and chains. Daisy, the one who gave people supernatural power as an Order told Eiji that he had all the memories of ten years ago overlapped. He misremembered everything but Daisy didn’t explain what her words meant.

One day, there was a new transferred student in Eiji’s classroom called Rin. She was actually a soldier of Dazaifu City Movement (a rebel army) sent to spy Eiji. The girl had an ulterior motive though. She knew that Eiji was the Order who caused Great Destruction and she wanted to take revenge, ignoring the duty given to her. She kidnapped Eiji’s little sister, Sena and threatened him to surrender. Due to this incident, Eiji awakened his forgotten power. He bound the girl with Bind Dominator and saved Sena.

However, it didn’t take too long when Sena as well as him fell under the Dazaifu whose members are all Orders with unique supernatural powers, such as, stopping time, clairvoyance, cancelling events in the presents as nothing happen etc. He then was used as a tool to declare wars against the government. I was like, okay. It sounds interesting though I felt that it was a but too rushed.

The way he was used by the rebel army and how he was supposed to be the boss in Dazaifu but actually was just used as a puppet was a little off. At first, he was applauded for passing the test and I saw it that the Daizaifu look was friendly but he was just used. When Eiji declared a war in front of the prime minister through screen and tried to be the bad guy but instead protecting the rebel army’s family who was being executed live by the prime minister. After the declaration, suddenly Eiji became friends with the Dazaifu.

I got the feeling that the scene was not too natural. I don’t know how to explain it but the plot seemed unclear, in my opinion. It was like I was swimming in the sea but could only explore the surface. Maybe I was just lost within the story or it indeed had very shallow plot. The short episodes might probably cause my confusion as well.

Anyhow, in the middle of the story, Eiji suddenly became prince charming with three girls who were seemingly in love with him. The first is Rin, the female soldier who wanted to kill him, the second is the miko in the rebel army and the third is his little sister. And suddenly, declaring wars to maintain order under one person became this psychological complex problem. I don’t know. I thought it would be something more interesting than this but it’s just a brother sister complex thing which resulted in Great Destruction.

So, the chronology was, Eiji wanted to create a world in which Sena could live happily using Bind Dominator but it went uncontrollably and caused Great Destruction. However, it turned out that the original Order who possessed Bind Dominator was Sena. Sena wanted to bind and dominate her family so that it didn’t fall apart and separate her from Eiji. Eiji who witnessed the destruction made a wish to Daisy to take all Sena’s sins on him and Daisy granted it.

The result was Sena and he forgot everything in the past ten years. There was also a short scene where Eiji and Sena slept together. I kind of didn’t get it. I know they weren’t blood related and Sena seemed to like Eiji more than a brother but throughout the story, I didn’t feel that Eiji had that kind of feeling but just an older brother’s affection so it kind of irked me.

Also, the one who created Daisy was Hoshimiya Gennai – Eiji’s father. He said that it was Eiji who inspired him to create Daisy. He also planned to create multiple universes of everyone’s wishes. He did it because he wanted to make Sena happy. In the end of the story, he tried to manipulate Sena to awaken the divine power in the mental world. Sena agreed because she wanted to atone her sin of creating Great Destruction and make everyone happy including Eiji. I don’t find any lovely family feels in this but just a complex.

And I found something funny in the story which I couldn’t help but thought that it was indeed ~ funny. The leader of Dazaifu, Hiiragi Yoshitsune, was so keen in killing Gennai. He felt betrayed and seemed to hate Gennai so much. However, he kept a cactus tree which reminded him of Gennai and when he saw Gennai after such a long time, he looked like he actually was longing for him like in some yaoi scenes. It seemed clear to me that he liked Gennai in a romantic way. I don’t mind it. I’m a fujoshi after all.

But in this kind of genre, suddenly seeing that scene of his hand trying to reach out Gennai’s shadow with kitten-like expression was strange. I couldn’t help but think that the story was actually about some people’s complexes and a single girl who became the center of all the ruckus. Also, the main character, Eiji was a total wimp with “not so incredible power” but pictured as so. – and I was at lost.

I think, that’s it my rambling about Big Orders Anime. I’m so looking forward to hear your thoughts about this anime. Don’t be shy to drop a comment, here and sorry, if I’m too blunt ha ha. Thank you for reading. ^^


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