Forget Me Not, My Dearest

Forget Me Not My Dearest Short Story

I opened my eyes and I saw a complete darkness.

I didn’t know where I was and why I laid down in this dark, cold place. I got up and sat down trying to figure out but I still had no slightest idea. I needed light I thought, I searched my pocket hoping I brought a lighter but how could I? I didn’t even smoke in the first place to bring a lighter with me everywhere. My hands searched for whatever it was on the ground hoping if there’s anything to light yet I found nothing but cold floor. I started to feel creepy with the situation I was in. To tell the truth, I was a coward, always scared of being alone in the darkness. Strange thoughts like what if there’s a ghost or a blood- drinker creature like Vampire or Dracula comes and eats me alive or what if I’m abducted and imprisoned by some barbarians or worse, cannibals and can’t return home forever were running continuously in my small brain. I was panic and my hands were so damn cold with sweats. “Calm down and think!” I tried to pull myself up together and suddenly I saw a dim light from afar; “I’m saved!” I screamed loudly in my heart. I walked there, I pushed myself to walk faster but my body was so heavy as if the gravity tied me down in the place and was against me finding a savior.


I was exhausted but I kept trying.
I walked on and on I didn’t even know how long. That light was too small and I was scared if the light faded away before I could grasp it. I struggled and breathlessly could I reach that dim light and lucky I was; I made it. I tried to figure out from where the light came out and I realized that I actually stood up in front of a door and the light was from a small crack of the door. My hands were in search for the handle, I kept grasping everywhere around trying to find where the handle was and there I found it. It was not exactly a handle; it was just a big, long- shaped wood that was put at the door horizontally to block someone to open it as if what’s inside the door was forbidden to see. I tried to lift the long wood that blocked the door, so heavy and even heavier with the gravity that didn’t allow me to move freely. But the thought of not wanting to die here made me able to lift that damned long wood and successfully, I threw it on the ground.


A little doubt came across my heart,

So many what ifs in my brain but what to do I was so scared and helpless; I didn’t want to be alone in this place. I had to get out of here, I had to find someone to help me and yet I was curious too. I wanted to see what’s inside the door, what kind of place was there where there’s a light on because the place I stood up right now was completely dark and cold. I was starting to freeze, I felt ill.


And so I bet my own life and opened the door.

I was shocked and absolutely amazed with what I saw with my own two bare eyes. I felt like I was now in a different dimension. Just a few seconds ago, I was still in that dark, cold place struggling to escape and yet now I stood up in front of a very huge and beautiful garden with amazingly beautiful flowers. I even saw a group of beautiful birds singing happily and heard the sound of winds blowing swiftly while the flowers were dancing along in rhyme. It was amazing! They looked so cheerful and the sun too, shone brightly as if it welcomed my arrival. All the weight and coldness and fear I bore before was swept away by the warmth of this new place. In a moment, I was spelled with the beauty of this place. I didn’t notice that there was this small group of beautiful golden butterflies was flying around my feet and some little bunnies which had very unusually long ears appeared one by one from a small hole in front of me. I was glad I didn’t step on their home. They were really so cute. They pushed over a small carrot under my feet as if it was their gift for me. I chuckled, I was so happy knowing that they were also welcoming me here.


And then I looked around all directions.

I saw a small path made of trimmed grass on the west side from where I was standing up. There was a sign board too but I couldn’t clearly see what’s written in it. I might find someone at the end of that small path, I thought. So I walked over to the direction. I stood up there for awhile to look at the sign board, there’s actually nothing written in it. It was blank and the path seemed long enough to walk in. I just hoped the path was not a dead end or I would really finish. I made up my mind and I continued my observation to this mysterious, beautiful garden.


I walked in.

I didn’t feel tired or anything, not even hungry or thirsty. I kept walking and finally arrived at the end of the path. There was a lake and a short, tiny bridge to walk in front me now. I stood up still, observing. On the other end side of the bridge, I saw a small garden and a wooden house inside. I was again amazed. That small garden was surrounded by huge black and white roses. They were enticing, unbelievably beautiful and well- maintained but yet looked so mythical. My hope grew bigger for I thought there might be someone, a human who took good care of it and someone whom I could ask for a help to. I almost stepped on the bridge to reach the garden but before I knew it; I was stopped. My eyes were suddenly closed by someone’s warm hands. I didn’t even hear this person’s footstep behind me. I was suddenly so freaked out. I was like “damn, I’m dead; this must be a monster who wants to kill me” but then that person whispered my name. It was the voice that I longed for- always, the voice that I would never get enough of. I turned my back around and I saw him, my dearest David standing tall in front of me. His very beautiful blue eyes were looking at me tenderly. I really couldn’t believe it. It was him, it was really him.


Smiling, he said “I found you, baby”.

I screamed his name and I hugged him tight. Tears were running down my cheeks. I was so happy; I was so relieved knowing the one who saved me was my precious boyfriend, David. “I was searching for you and thanks God, I made it in time” he whispered softly, I nodded. I couldn’t speak anything, I just hugged him tight. I was the happiest. I wanted nothing but felt his presence and the warmth of his body. He lifted my buried- deep face in his arm and gently kissed me.


“Come on now baby, let’s go” he said,

Holding my hand and bringing me further away from that small garden. We arrived at another direction of the garden and sat down. I kept holding his hand around me and I put my head on his shoulder. I talked about where and how freaked out I was. He smiled and said that’s why he was searching for me because he knew that I would be freaked out being left alone while caressing my hair and holding me closer to him. I couldn’t have asked anything anymore. I was blessed. He was my sanctuary. I always felt so secured whenever I was with him. I smiled too and looked at him intensely like I always did. He was sweet and so pure, the sunlight made his fair skin even fairer and beautiful. I always adored him, his handsome expression, his smile, and his gaze, his everything. I was so glad that he’s mine and mine alone. I loved him and so did he.


Time went by; the sun was getting high and almost hiding,

But we sat there still, enjoying the beauty of the garden. We talked about all the good days we had spent, about how we first met and how we ended up falling in love. We cuddled, and laughed together. We were both so happy. I wished that this moment would never end. The moment when our presence completed each other was the happiest moment for us the world couldn’t buy.


Not long after,

I heard the sound of bell echoing all over the garden as if it was crying out loud. David suddenly stood up and I was surprised with his sudden move. I stood up too behind him and asked what happened, why the bell rang so loud almost tearing apart my ears. He turned back and looked at me. I didn’t like it. His happy face I saw before turned out so sad and felt like in pain. My heart was broken; I was panic and asked him why but he was silent. He just looked at me painfully.


And slowly, he took out something from his pocket.

It was a small silky blue box with a little yellow ribbon on it. He opened it and I saw a couple rings made of white gold with a tiny black opal in the middle of each ring. I recognized that rings. They were the ones we saw in a jewelry shop in L.A, the ones that I wanted to have for our wedding if someday we’re getting married. I looked at him again in confusion. He took out the smaller ring, and wore it in my left ring finger. Smiling again, he said “my time is up baby, I have to go”. And so, my confusion grew bigger. “Then I will come with you” I answered. His face was getting even sadder and suddenly he hugged me tight “no, not now, I will pick you up when the time comes, all right? I love you” he said. He kissed me, his lips felt so cold and his face now looked so pale I was speechless. He walked away slowly, to the direction where the bell rang, to that wooden house. I tried to run after him, but the faster I ran, the faster too he disappeared from my sight. I screamed so loud calling out his name but he didn’t come back. The bell kept echoing as if it was carving more pain in my heart. I cried.


In my despair, suddenly I felt the earth was shaking.

The earth I stepped my feet on was crumbling, that beautiful garden was devastated and I was shaken to the point I could not stand up any longer. I fell down together with those beautiful flowers to a very deep hole the earth had just made in a few second. I was screaming out David’s name while I kept falling deeper and,



I opened my eyes. I was in another room. There was this dim light above me and I heard a lady spoke to a gentleman “She’s awake; sir and her heartbeat’s come back to normal” she said. I also heard my mother’s trembling voice continuously thanked someone. I tried to collect every single memory I had. I felt so dizzy and my body ached. I lifted my left hand slowly and I saw a blood pipe transfused in my veins and some other pipes stuck in my skin. Was I in a hospital? But what happened? I questioned myself. I couldn’t even remember anything until I saw a ring in my left ring finger. It wasn’t a dream. I remembered it now. I was with David and he left but why? I kept questioning. Not yet I found the answer, I heard a very sad and deep- long cry from the room next door. A woman was crying and screaming out someone’s name that was so familiar to me. “David, David wake up!” she kept calling out that name. I knew that voice. It was his mother’s. I was stunned in the bed, I couldn’t move. My body was so cold and my heart was beating so hard as if it wanted to explode. Tears were silently flowing down my cheeks. I knew now, I recalled everything. I regained all my consciousness.


September 15th was my birthday,

David and I wanted to celebrate it in a villa where we held a party and our friends were waiting. We drove a car at 11pm The road was so quiet, but then suddenly there was a truck from the opposite direction, speeded up without control and hit us. Our car was hit pretty badly and because the road was slippery, the car hit the roadblock and fell into the cliff. One hour after the accident, we both were found on the verge of death and coma in a hospital for several days. It was said that when we were rescued, David protected me; in a position where he hugged me and tried to cover me from deadly injury. That’s how he got a more severe bleeding in the head, worse than me.



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